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Industry News / Updates in the 2023 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Changes to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map reflect a shift to warmer average annual extreme minimum temperatures during the most recent 30-year past period.
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Industry News / FFA Turfgrass Management Award

Congratulations to Greyson Key for being awarded State Winner in Turfgrass Management (sponsored by TTA) at the State FFA Convention!
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The Reach and Impact of UT Turfgrass Alumni

A public-facing University of Tennessee Turfgrass Alumni map showcasing the reach of UT Turfgrass alumni across the globe and within the industry.
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Digital Success: An Update on the
UT Certified Lawn Care Professional Program

The UT Certified Lawn Care Professional (CLCP) program provides education and skills needed to effectively establish and maintain turfgrasses using a format that is completely online and self-paced.
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Save the Date for The University of Tennessee’s BEACON 2024 career networking event on September 12 & 13.
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Considerations with Biostimulants for Turfgrass Management

There are many exciting innovations on the nearby horizon and evidence-based efforts will lead the way toward a better understanding of how biostimulants will help maintain and improve plant and soil health.
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Member Spotlight on Bob Hogan,
2024 Tom Samples Turfgrass Professional of the Year Recipient

Bob Hogan has exemplified the spirit of service both inside and outside of his work in turfgrass. He has served not only on the Board of TTA, but also as a preacher, a County Commissioner and Assistant Mayor.
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Biological Control in the Nursery Part 1:
Predators, Parasitoids and Pathogens

This series discusses the different types of biological control and how nurseries can incorporate biocontrol principles and agents into their production practices.
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Taking a Team Approach to Leadership

Let’s make this season our best yet by empowering those around us to shine and become refreshed by working as a member of a true team.
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