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Save the Date for Come to the Valley

This two-day event will be held at Staunton’s Frontier Culture Museum October 8 and 9. The first day is dedicated to Certified Turfgrass Professional (CTP) training and to the Landscape Design Process.
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Recent Event: Virginia Tech Field Day

Snapshots from events and activities during the VT Golf Turf Research Field Day.
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Recent Event: VSTMA Field Day

Snapshots from the recent Virginia Sports Turf Managers Association Field Day.
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Can Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Spread Boxwood Blight?

Boxwood blight is a fungal disease that was first found in Virginia in 2011 and has subsequently spread to many parts of Virginia…
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The Spotted Lanternfly: A Threat to Trees and Shrubs in Virginia

The spotted lanternfly (SLF) was detected in Virginia in January 2018. It is an invasive planthopper that was discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014…
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5 Steps to Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Habitat

Insects are the most common and abundant pollinators in the world. Although bees may be the most well-known insect pollinators, there are many other insect species…
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Common Problems of Sports Fields

Across the region, youth of all ages are enjoying America’s greatest past times. There’s no denying that sports are interwoven into the fabric of who we are as a nation…
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