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Ride on Applicators: A Tool for Success?

The use of ride-on applicators in the landscape is common in the northern and transition zones of the United States. However, it has only been in recent years that these machines have made their way south.
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The ResistPoa Project Enters a New Phase

The ResistPoa project seeks new and innovative strategies that help practitioners make informed decisions regarding annual bluegrass control.
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X-Ray Vision? A New Approach to Studying Turfgrass Root Growth

Root growth is of interest to many in the turfgrass industry. X-ray technology may offer a new means of studying turfgrass root growth without the need for extensive, destructive sampling.
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Member Spotlight on TTA Board Member Mark Stovall

Q & A with TTA Board Member Mark Stovall, Territory Manager at Harrell’s on his career, serving TTA, industry mentors and more.
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