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European Invaders: Invasive Crane Flies Swarm the Region in 2020

A global pandemic, work restrictions, severe drought… and massive swarms of insects? As if the challenges in 2020 were not apocalyptic enough, many turfgrass managers from Ohio to the Canadian Maritime provinces observed hordes of European crane fly (ECF) emerging...
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Developing Tools for Modern Breeding in Genetically Complex Crops

In order to advance the science of plant breeding in genetically complex crops, the Penn State turfgrass breeding program has recently been awarded a grant from the USDA-NIFA Specialty Crops Research Initiative to collaborate with an international group of plant...
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Between the Lines – Linde’s DelVal Turf Management Program Builds on Passion and Experience

The professional Turf Management movement that started at Penn State in the mid-nineties has become like an extended family. One of its founding members is Dr. Douglas Linde.
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Research Update – What is the Best Way to Satisfy the P Requirements of Creeping Bentgrass?

Relative to current ‘programmatic’ and/or soil test driven ‘responsive’ fertilization approaches, withholding P fertilizer from creeping bentgrass putting greens until emergence of visual P deficiency symptoms may prove both an environmentally responsible and agronomically effective practice.
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