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Postemergence Control of Crabgrass
and Other Summer Annual Grasses in Turf

During late spring and summer, summer annual grasses can be an unsightly weed problem in many Pennsylvania lawns, sports fields, and golf course fairways and roughs.
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Engineered Infield Soils — Field of the Future?

For Penn State researcher Evan Mascitti, soil mixtures for sports fields no longer need to be left to chance. “I’ve always been fascinated by how people use earth’s raw materials,” he says.
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Combining urea-N & petroleum-derived spray oil (PDSO) for semi-monthly treatment of creeping bentgrass greens and fairways

Ammonia volatilization of foliarly-applied nitrogen (N) fertilizer from turfgrass is deleterious to both the environment and the original agronomic objective. Current BMPs mitigate some loss, but circumstances specific to putting green and fairway management often preclude their implementation.
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2020 PTC Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Paige Alcorn (Somerset, PA), Devin Schnupp (Lititz, PA) and Evan Vanyo (Meadville, PA)…
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Crisis Turfgrass Management

The 2020 Pandemic has certainly impacted the turfgrass industry and its effects will continue even as/after social distancing restrictions are relaxed and public activities on our sports fields and golf courses expand and/or return.
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