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President’s Message
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Member Spotlight on Tom Barry

Our Q & A with NESTMA’s 2020 Sports Turf Manager of the Year Tom Barry on his career, the sports turf industry and more!
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Wet Springs Spur Crane Fly Activity

Crane flies are relatively common insects, especially in wet or waterlogged areas. They’re also known as “mosquito hawks,” “mosquito killers,” or “giant mosquitos” because at first glance look very similar to mosquitoes.
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Social Distancing Shouldn’t Mean Un-Social

My job is to help companies increase their employee engagement, meaning the extent to which employees are involved in, committed to, and enthusiastic about their work and their workplace.
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From the Field: Best Management Practices – Synthetic Turf Fields

This article describes best management practices for the maintenance and care of synthetic turf fields. The management practices refer to “infill” synthetic turf systems, which consist of plastic pile fibers infilled with crumb rubber, a mixture of crumb rubber and...
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