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President’s Message

Inaugural Mark DeWolf Memorial Golf Tournament

The Mark DeWolf Memorial Golf Tournament is not just another golf outing—it’s a platform for sports field professionals to come together, network, and make a tangible difference.
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NERTC A Great Success

Congratulations to NERTF on a very successful 27th annual New England Regional Turfgrass Conference (NERTC).
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Celebrating Sports Field Management!

NE-SFMA’s annual Awards Meeting and Lunch at the NERTC in Providence was a great success!
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Association Announces New Name: New England Sports Field Management Association

Excerpts from President-Elect Art Goodhind’s comments during the Awards Meeting on March 6, 2024 in Providence, RI, where he announced exciting new initiatives for the association.
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NE-SFMA announces the launch of our new Sports Field Forum

Apremier event dedicated to advancing education and facilitating powerful connections in sports field management.
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UConn Turfgrass Field Day – July 25, 2024

UConn Turfgrass Field Day is held on a biennial basis to highlight the wide range of research projects currently taking place at the UConn Plant Science Research Facility in Storrs, CT.
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Member Spotlight

Q & A with James H. DeLong, NE-SFMA’s 2024 Sports Field Manager of the Year!
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Case Study: Strategies for Water Conservation on Sports Fields

Using irrigation to supplement natural rainfall as efficiently as possible is critical. Yet irrigation will never fully replace natural rainfall for turf health and the natural recovery to drought stress.
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Improving Turfgrass Drought Survival

When rainfall is insufficient and water resources become limited, supplemental irrigation is often required to sustain turf growth.
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Weather Apps and Weather Decisions – Let’s Make the Most of Both!

Let’s take a journey, to see what is out there and what information will help us make the best weather-based decisions possible.
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