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Maryland Turfgrass Council

2020 Maryland Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show

Maryland Turfgrass Council | EVENTS
tuesday, Dec 08, 2020
Ellicott City, MD





Will There Be A 2020 MTC Turfgrass Conference? YES!!

With the Covid-19 Pandemic we have seen almost everything in life change this year, including many things we have always depended upon being cancelled. That is fine if we are talking about a ball game, dining at our favorite restaurant, or even just going shopping. BUT that places us all in limbo when you need recertification and continuing education credits to keep our licenses, get promotions, and work in our chosen profession.

The MTC will not let you down !

Right now, we are scheduled to do our usual informative conference on December 8, 2020 again at Turf Valley Resort and Golf Course. However, at the time of writing this, we are limited by government regulations to no more than 250 attendees. This falls far below the usual number of attendees.

The MTC Officers and Board of Directors refuse to just cancel like other states have done, leaving you hanging, or scrambling, to get your required recertifications, CEU’s and other credits to continue to work legally. Therefore, we have been investigating other venues or methods to still provide you the experience of learning about the latest improvements and advances in our industry from some of the most well-known turfgrass researchers and experts across the country.

One alternative is to do the conference outside in the fresh air. However, six (6) plus hours sitting in the cold, rain or possibly snow just does not seem conducive to learning.

Instead we are looking into how we can bring you the same high-quality speakers and interaction with our faithful sponsors and suppliers of our industry, even the fantastic out of state speakers, by looking at several different types of Webinar or video program. It is our goal, regardless the method chosen, to provide the three (3) usual Education Tracks including “Golf Course Management” “Lawn Care Management” and of course “Sports Turf Management” and provide “Sponsor Interviews” throughout the day.

Regardless of which option we settle on, we will do the “Attendance Form” just like you have done at our previous conferences where you will be given a number during each speaker’s talk. You will simply have to record that number on your form, complete the other requested information and either e-mail or copy and U.S. Mail the form back to the MTC Office. We will complete the State’s sign-in sheets and supply copies of everything to each of the states in which you need recertification. You will receive the ‘Attendance Sheet” and the log on information once you submit your registration to the MTC Office.

We intend to apply for recertification and CEU’s for MD Pesticide, MD Fertilizer, DC Pesticide, VA Pesticide, WV Pesticide, PA Pesticide, DE Pesticide, NJ Pesticide, NY Pesticide Licenses plus Golf Course Superintendents points, Sports Turf Managers CEU’s and any others you ask for far enough in advance to complete the requirements for the requested recertification or CEU credits.

Regardless, hang on, keep checking the MTC News and the MTC Webpage for updates.

The MTC will take care of you!!

Vernon W. Cooper
MTC Executive Director

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Turf Valley Resort
2700 Turf Valley Rd
Ellicott City, MD 21042

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