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Lawn & Landscape Field Day 2019

The Ingalls Pavilion in Decatur provided a terrific venue for the 2019 Lawn and Landscape Field Day.
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2019 Poa Annua Classic Returned to Farm Links

This year the Poa returned to beautiful FarmLinks Golf Club in Sylacauga to raise money for the Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation.
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Deep South Turfgrass Fraternity
Comes Together in October 2019!

2019 will be a great year at the Deep South Turf Expo! I was explaining my job to a new acquaintance a few weeks ago and told him why I enjoyed my work and of the many friendships…
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“As People Change so do the Markets”

Apart from growing up on a 4th generation family farm that included cotton, soybeans, cattle, horses and later catfish farming, Steve Sanderson’s first real involvement in our industry was a couple of summers interning…
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Are you Getting Residual Control of
Fall Armyworms from your Insecticide Applications?

The fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda), is a significant pest of all turf and pasture grasses throughout the eastern United States. There are several species of armyworms in our area, but this species develops faster…
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Weed Science Research Update:
Pylex – A new Carotenoid Inhibiting Herbicide

Tenacity (mesotrione) was the first carotenoid-inhibiting herbicide introduced to the turfgrass market. It has developed into a niche herbicide due to the need for repeat applications and potential for bleaching green tissue to a white color, even in tolerant species.
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